What We Do:

Train and Educate

Training and education occurs through our annual clinics held for football, basketball, baseball, and soccer.  A 3 Day clinic/course is given to help acquaint the soldier with the game's rules, mechanics, and position for that particular sport. The education process is done in a classroom setting early in the day, followed by on field/court instruction and drills. By the end of the course the soldier has a good grasp on the in's and out's of officiating that sport and will be ready to begin the next step in becoming an official.

Activate and Assign

Once the former soldiers are trained, OHWOW assists in finding a local officiating association to register and work with in their local community. To help with the transition into a new vocation, OHWOW helps the new official register with the appropriate officiating governing body needed to be a certified official in that sport and area of the country. Then an introduction is made to the individual that assigns games to officials in the community that the soldier will begin officiating.

Mentor and Guide

While fine tuning their new vocation in sports officiating, the warriors will be paired with a local veteran official to help mentor them. We find this part of the process the most important. Just like in the military, there is a leader that is appointed to help direct the soldier in his particular military profession. OHWOW pairs these former soldiers/new officials with a dedicated mentor that enjoys molding young officials. The relationship and bond created, is one we hope will help the soldier forever progress in the officiating community as well as be a new friend.

The Need:

As long as there are youth sports, there will be a need for sports officials. And as long as there is a US Military, there will be a surplus of veterans coming out of the service looking for a new vocation in the civilian world. OHWOW wants to help these wounded soldiers transition into a new and exciting vocation of sports officiating. It is a rewarding experience that keeps those that enjoy sports involved in something they love while being rewarded by continuing to serve the community in a new way.

Our Mission:

Sports Officials Dedicated to Empowering Wounded Soldiers Through a Transition Into a New and Exciting Vocation in the Area of Sports Officiating, While Serving Their Local Community in Youth Sports and Generating Fulfillment as a Civilian.

What We've Achieved (Coming Soon)