2016 Officials Helping Warriors of War Umpire Clinic Update

Officials Helping Warriors of War had a successful first baseball umpire clinic at the Eastmonte Park in Altamonte Springs, FL, the week before Memorial Day. We want to thank Eastmonte Park, and the baseball teams that participated, for allowing us to use their facility. It would not have happened without their help.

Five participants completed the Officials Helping Warriors of War (OHWOW) 2016 Baseball Umpire Clinic. These five brave wounded U.S. Military Soldiers are on their way to starting a new vocation in baseball umpiring. This new vocation will prove to be a great way for all these warriors to get involved in youth sports, help their local community, and make some extra cash to support themselves and their family. As long as there are youth sports, there will be a need for officials. And as long as we have a military there will be soldiers that need a post military career. OHWOW is providing sports officiating training and mentoring for these warriors for a successful transition back into the civilian world.

Thank you all who participated and those that volunteered their time to these wonderful people and cause!

One participant had this to say about the 2016 OHWOW Baseball Umpire Clinic:


Please take some time and look over our photos from the clinic.

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